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Welcome to University of Florida Bioenergy and Sustainability School website

This is the homepage for the Bioenergy and Sustainability School led by Dr. Ann Wilkie of the Soil and Water Science Department at the University of Florida. Find information about the program, the everyday happenings of the interns, and resources for bioenergy education.

Bioenergy and Sustainability School

The UF Bioenergy and Sustainability School Summer Internship Program is a program sponsored by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, with funding from the IFAS Dean of Research. The intent of this program is to introduce undergraduates to bioenergy research and foster interest in future graduate studies.

Through a paid internship, students are provided with an opportunity to learn about current trends in bioenergy and participate in basic and applied research related to bioenergy. The program includes a combination of lectures, field trips, seminars, discussion sessions, and group/individual research projects.

Overview and FAQ [PDF]