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Biogas - A Renewable Biofuel

This Web site is dedicated to increasing understanding of biogas production and utilization and how it can fit into sustainable energy production. One may find information on the nature of biogas, the various types of feedstocks available, the various types of anaerobic digestion processes, and the types of final utilization technologies.

Bioenergy Summer School

The UF Bioenergy Summer Internship Program is a program sponsored by the Florida Agricultural Experiment Station, with funding from the IFAS Dean of Research. The intent of this program is to introduce undergraduates to bioenergy research and foster interest in future graduate studies.

Through a paid internship, students are provided with an opportunity to learn about current trends in bioenergy and participate in basic and applied research related to bioenergy. The program includes a combination of lectures, field trips, seminars, discussion sessions, and group/individual research projects.

Click here for more information about the Bioenergy Summer School and Internship program.

Bioenergy & Sustainable Technology (BEST) Society

Supervised by Dr. Wilkie, the BEST Society provides a forum within which to discuss and educate the members and the public at-large about the technological realities, politics and economics of bioenergy and renewable resources, energy conversion and distribution and sustainable technologies. The organization manages an informative listserve and a free lecture seminar series which pertain to various fields of sustainable development and are open to the public.

Visit the BEST Society Web site and join the discussion about building a sustainable future!


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