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Posters and Presentations

Poster: Energy and Nutrient Resources from Organic Wastes for Small Farms
           2010 Soil and Water Science Department Forum
           September 10, 2010

Poster: Anaerobic Digestion Potential of Organic Wastes from Small Farms
           2011 Soil and Water Science Department Forum
           September 9, 2011

Presentation: Anaerobic Digestion: Sustainable Energy and Nutrients
                    from Food Waste
                    2009 Florida Campus and Community Sustainability Conference
                    October 8, 2009

Presentation: Biofertilizer Potential of Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion
                    on Small Farms
                    2010 Joint Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society and
                    the Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida Meeting
                    June 6-8, 2010

Presentation: Anaerobic digestion and Algae Farming: Energy and Nutrients
                    for Small Farms
                    2010 Florida Small Farms/Alternative Enterprises Conference
                    July 31-August 1, 2010

Presentation: Diverting Food Waste for Bioenergy
                    2011 Southeast Bioenergy Conference
                    August 9-11, 2011