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Jenna Curtis

Senior, Environmental Science
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Age: 20
Hometown: St. Petersburg, FL
Email: curtisjenna@ufl.edu


My name is Jenna Curtis. I am a third year Environmental Science Major with a minor in Business Administration. I am very interested in renewable energy sources as well as ways to reduce the amount of waste we produce. This summer, I have been working in the biogas lab. I will be testing the amount of biogas that we can harvest from different feedstocks that are currently regarded as waste. Through my research, I hope to find practical ways to use biogas that could lessen our dependence on fossil fuels for energy.


Cabbar Dundar

Junior, Microbiology and Cell Science
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Age: 19
Hometown: Orlando, FL
Email: cdundar@ufl.edu


My name is Cabbar Dundar. I am a junior majoring in Microbiology and Cell Science with a minor in Health Disparities in Society. I am originally from Turkey and I am interested in introducing efficient biogas technology to rural communities of developing nations as a source of renewable energy. This summer I will be investigating the methane potential of sweet potato vines and its components, which are currently regarded as a waste product in the United States.


Gary Jones

Senior, Microbiology and Cell Science
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Age: 21
Hometown: Saint Johns, Florida
Email: jonegn1@ufl.edu


My name is Gary Jones and I am an upcoming Senior. At the moment I am 21 years of age and I'm from Saint Johns, Florida. I plan to graduate next May with a degree in Microbiology and Cell science and a minor in bioinformatics. After I graduate I plan to enter graduate school and pursue a Masters degree. My interests include renewable energy, and this summer I am researching Abscisic acid in hopes that it may increase the lipid content of algae.


Gage LaPierre

Senior, Environmental Science
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Age: 22
Hometown: Ocala, FL
Email: gagemo@ufl.edu


My name is Gage LaPierre, I am 22 years old, and currently an upcoming senior majoring in Environmental Science at the University of Florida. I was born and raised my entire life in Ocala, FL. Before coming to UF I actually completed 2 years at the College of Florida located in Ocala. While I have many interests, I believe my strongest passion is rooted in the protection and conservation of our natural resources. I became interested in the BESS school and the topic of anaerobic digestion as a method of reducing pollution and waste, with the caveat of producing renewable energy to the community. I hope that one day I can I use some of various knowledge I've gathered at my time at BESS and UF in a constructive manner that can benefit the people in my community with minimal impact on our natural resources.


Marie Peralta

Junior, Biology
College of Agricultural and Life Sciences
Age: 21
Hometown: Manila, Philippines & El Dorado Hills, CA
Email: mperalta@ufl.edu


My name is Marie Peralta and I am a Biology major in the Biotechnology track, with a minor in Bioinformatics. After graduating, I would like to attend graduate school abroad or travel abroad to participate in volunteer work. I would also love to return to my native Philippines to help improve the lives of people living in rural communities there using the skills and knowledge I've gained in my education. This summer, I am going to be working with algae and investigating one possibly more feasible way to harvest it so that its use as a renewable fuel source becomes more widespread. In my free time I enjoy writing poetry, yoga, and eating.


Shane Philhower

Senior, Environmental Management
College of Agricultural and Life Science
Age: 38
Hometown: Alachua, FL
Email: shanep@union.ufl.edu


I’m Shane Philhower and a senior in the University of Florida Online interdisciplinary studies of Environmental Management in Agriculture and Natural resources. My interests lie in water conservation and management, and soil development. I have really enjoyed learning about biogas and anaerobic digesters this semester, and the roles they have in both water management and soil nutrient management. My goal after graduation is to work with anaerobic digestion in an industrial scale for either waste water management or with an urban farming element.