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Alachua Biodiesel Company field trip. Mr. Scott Davies graciously gave the interns a tour of the Biodiesel production facility in Northwest Gainesville.


Biodiesel Short Course at Westside Tech in Winter Gardens, FL. A workshop on biodiesel for florida policy makers and governmental offices, businesses, students, educators, and interested individual. The workshop culminated with a demonstration of the culinary institute's biodiesel production from waste vegetable oil, and energy generation in a diesel generator.


Ethanol distiller demonstration by Lance presenting a distillation of ethanol from fermented sugar. His demonstration utilized a homemade still, fabricated largely out of various schedule copper piping and a propane fired burner.


University of Florida Vehicle Fleet field trip. Mr. Jon Priest gave the interns a presentation on the efforts being done by UF to implement biofuels into its everyday practicies. Mr. Priest presented insightful facts in addition to shoing the interns the biodiesel and ethanol filling stations.

07/18/2007 - 07/20/2007

Florida Farm to Fuel Conference hosted the Governor of the State of Florida, Charlie Crist, heading the exciting progress being made in the area of bioenergy. The conference was held in St. Petersburgh and brought together, companies, researchers, and politicians in an intellectual forum on biofuels.


Diary Research Unit Field Trip. The interns traveled to nearby Hague, FL for a tour of the diary farm and its anaerobic digestor given by Teaching Assistant James Duncan.

07/31/2007 - 08/02/2007

Southeast Bioenergy Conference. The interns traveled to Tifton, Ga to learn of the advances being made on the forefront of the bioenergy movement. Many Georgian companies presented their efforts and researchers across the Southeast taught the attendees about their research.


Dr. Alex Green Research Presentation. One of the adjacent buildings to the soil and water science building houses Dr. Alex Greeen, who is conducting research into pyrolisis of organic matter and bio waste. On August 3rd, Dr. Green gave a tdetailed lecture of his histroy and current research areas, followed by a tour of his lab.