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Graunke, R.E. and Wilkie, A.C (2014). Examining the mechanisms of short-term solubilization of ground food waste for high-rate anaerobic digestion. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation, 86:323-333. [PDF]

Wilkie, A.C., Graunke, R.E. and Cornejo, C. (2015). Food waste auditing at three Florida schools. Sustainability, 7(2):1370-1387. [PDF]

Project Documents

Brochure: Diverting Food Waste from Landfills

Banner: Diverting Food Waste from Landfills

Poster: Pretreatment of Food Waste to Facilitate Anaerobic Digestion
           2009 Soil and Water Science Department Forum
           September 11, 2009

Poster: Energy and Nutrient Resources from Organic Wastes for Small Farms
           2010 Soil and Water Science Department Forum
           September 10, 2010

Poster: Diverting Food Waste for Local Bioenergy Production through
           Anaerobic Digestion
           Third Annual Florida Energy Systems Consortium Summit
           September 27-28, 2011

Presentation: Anaerobic Digestion: Sustainable Energy and Nutrients
                    from Food Waste
                    2009 Florida Campus and Community Sustainability Conference
                    October 8, 2009

Presentation: Biofertilizer Potential of Food Waste Anaerobic Digestion
                    on Small Farms
                    2010 Joint Meeting of the Florida State Horticultural Society and
                    the Soil and Crop Science Society of Florida Meeting
                    June 6-8, 2010

Presentation: Food Waste: An Opportunity Feedstock
                    2010 Sunshine State Renewable Energy Expo
                    July 15, 2010

Presentation: Mechanical Pretreatment for Enhanced Food Waste Solubilization and
                    Anaerobic Digestion
                    UF School of Natural Resources and Environment Seminar
                    February 1, 2011

Presentation: Diverting Food Waste for Bioenergy
                    2011 Southeast Bioenergy Conference
                    August 9-11, 2011

Progress Reports

1st Quarter - Year One: September 1st, 2009 - November 30th, 2009
2nd Quarter - Year One: December 1st, 2009 - February 28th, 2010
3rd Quarter - Year One: March 1st, 2010 - May 31st, 2010
4th Quarter - Year One: June 1st, 2010 - August 31st, 2010

1st Quarter - Year Two: September 1st, 2010 - November 30th, 2010
2nd Quarter - Year Two: December 1st, 2010 - February 28th, 2011
3rd Quarter - Year Two: March 1st, 2011 - May 31st, 2011
4th Quarter - Year Two: June 1st, 2011 - August 31st, 2011
5th Quarter - Year Two: September 1st, 2011 - November 30th, 2011

TAG Meeting Minutes

1st Quarter: November 19, 2009 -Presentation
2nd Quarter: February 15, 2010 -Presentation