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Group Project


Decomposing with Gainesville Compost: BEST Lab Community Outreach Project


Individual Projects


Optimization of Nutrient Medium for Permeate Remediation

By Adrian Brene

Fungal Decay: Using Fungi as a Biological Pretreatment for Anaerobic Digestion

By Leslie Johnson

Co-digestion of Used Cotton Clothing

By Allison Kelly

Impact of Various Artificial Substrata on Filamentous Algae Entrapment and Growth

By Henry Legett

Cultivation of Filamentous Algae Spheroids

By Tommie Brent Lovato

Anaerobic Digestion of Horse Stall Waste

By Sarah Luther

Waste Activated Sludge as a Feedstock and Inoculum for Anaerobic Digestion

By Candice Prince

Design of an Airlift Column Photo-Bioreactor that Increases Remediation Rates of Reverse Osmosis Permeate

By Jose St Louis