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Student Compost Cooperative


The Student Compost Cooperative (SCC) is a cross-disciplinary outreach program dedicated to promoting sustainability at the campus and community level.

Organized by the BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology (BEST) Laboratory, the SCC was started to educate UF students about the importance of food waste composting and provide an opportunity to compost their own food waste. The SCC encourages and trains students, faculty, and staff at the University of Florida and the Gainesville community to compost their food waste and to appreciate the value of recycling by turning this waste into natural fertilizers.

The SCC maintains several composters to allow students and others in the UF community to compost their food waste. SCC closes the compost loop by maintaining a student-run organic garden in which students grow their own organic food using the compost they helped to create. Large barrels that collect rainwater allow students to easily irrigate their garden plots with a more sustainable source of water.

Encouraging students to use these eco-friendly practices builds awareness and environmental responsibility that contribute to their personal and communal growth, while the gardens serve as a place for students to relax, study and enjoy the outdoors. The SCC hosts open houses and field days and participates in a variety of other educational events to help build awareness and educate others about the benefits of composting.


How it works:

The SCC has an open door policy. Food waste can be brought to the composters at any time. When you place your food waste in the composter, please turn the compost to mix the fresh food waste into the compost. Turning facilitates the biodegradation and prevents odors. If you do not have a container to transport your food waste to the composters, we can provide you with one.

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Research on Our Compost  

Compost Composition and Application Rate Have a Greater Impact on Spinach Yield and Soil Fertility Benefits Than Feedstock Origin

Food-Based Composts Provide More Soil Fertility Benefits Than Cow Manure-Based Composts in Sandy Soils

Founder and Director

Ann C. Wilkie
Dr. Ann C. Wilkie began the Student Compost Cooperative as a place for students to compost their food waste and learn about sustainable practices. She continues to host and direct the SCC at her lab, the BioEnergy and Sustainable Technology Laboratory.

For research and outreach questions, contact her at acwilkie@ufl.edu.





Attention Campus Organizations!

Are you having an event or meeting and don’t want to send your food waste to the landfill? The Student Compost Coorperative is here to help you. We welcome you to bring out any food waste from your event to the SCC for composting. We have rolling food waste bins for signout if you need them. Please contact the current coordinator below to arrange bin pick up/drop off and food waste composting.

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SCC Orientation Flyer

Summer 2024 Student Support Team

To get started with the SCC please contact the students below according to your area of interest.


Compost Manager


Gardening and Garden Plots:


Ashley Clark
Garden Manager

I'm a fourth year dental student and have always enjoyed gardening since I was a kid.

Please reach out to me with any questions about the garden or getting a plot.

Senior, College of Dentistry
Age: 27
Hometown: Spring Hill, FL
Phone Number: 352-584-2868
E-mail: aclark@dental.ufl.edu

Ashley Clark


Social Media and Outreach:

Regena Darbouze
Social Media and Outreach Coordinator: Contact me with general questions or for information about events at the CCG.

Sophomore, Majoring in Psychology- Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, and on the Pre-Medicine Track
Age: 19
Hometown: Weston, Florida
Phone: 954-635-0078
Email: regena.darbouze@ufl.edu

Regena Darbouze


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Program for composting of student food waste [Poster] Presented at the 2009 UF Undergraduate Research Symposium

Student Compost Cooperative [Flyer]

Composting basics and troubleshooting [Presentation]