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The SCC's Organic Garden

Composting is closely tied to organic gardening. In fact one of the central tenants of organic gardening is returning organic matter (i.e. compost) to the soil. In nature there are no synthetic fertilizers; nutrients are derived almost exclusively from decaying organic matter in the soil. To complete this cycle of returning compost to the soil, the SCC maintains an organic garden. This garden is open to anyone interested in developing or practicing their skills in gardening. We encourage all members of the SCC to take a turn at organic gardening. It is extremely rewarding to harvest produce that you grew yourself. As an organic garden, we use no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides and rely on nutrients from the compost and from biofertilizer produced from our anaerobic digesters. The garden, a 20 ft. x 60 ft. plot, is located immediately adjacent to the composters. We practice raised-bed gardening due to the tendency of the ground to flood in the rainy season. There are currently 8 raised beds and 12 large pots for container gardening. Anyone interested in gardening please contact Jennifer Larrick (jlarrick@ufl.edu).