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Student Projects


Eric Layton


Eric's project involved building a solar water heater that can be portable and can be used in developing countries.


Taylor Norrell


Taylor's project involved creating a bag anaerobic digester with a unique biogas collection system.


Christa Rummel


Christa's project involved creating a business plan for a company that collects food waste, anaerobically digests this waste, and then uses the biogas to create electricity to be put back into the electrical grid. She created a Powerpoint as part of her research project.


Danielle Keeter


Daniel's project was to study the waste stream from The Flour Pot Bakery in Gainesville, FL. She studied the organic waste stream of mainly bread products and the potential to anaerobically digest the food waste.


Divik Schueller


Divik's project involved researching alternative energy policy in Florida. He also assisted with building a solar thermal panel with Eric Layton.


Chris Rummel and Taylor Norrell


Christa and Taylor developed a presentation about the environmental and economic conditions faced by Haiti